Why do people failed in nclex?

  1. just wondering what's the reasons of somw takers who failed in nclex. Not just once but many times??? What are the materials they used and did they go review class or self review like me??? i used saunders 5th edition, exam cram and kaplan strategies (both latest edition)

    I already finish exam cram and do 1000 questions a month ago and used the cd and getting 80+% score of it
    Also read kaplan strategies cover to cover and answered the questions and just get half score of it
    And now I'm trying to fisnish my saunders.. Im using evolve online practice and getting 60-70% of the practice tests. i took the pretest 2 weeks ago I got 66%

    I am saying this because I am just an average student.. I have a cna job and quit just to review. And I dont know if Im doing good ro self review. I have mixed emotions Im kinda relax and calm because I believe I can passed the nclex but im kinda nervous and discourage at the same timereading post they failed even they did their best..

    Just wondering how really hard is nclex?? And during the exam did you get sata questions but you still failed?? From 1-10, 10 is highest how hard is nclex pn?

    I appreciate your comments thanks

    Ps: Im taking nclex pn next week may 23 to be exact and im from CA
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  3. by   cperry85
    Good luck tomorrow!
  4. by   nursey909
    Goodluck westcoast!!
  5. by   westcoastguy
    Quote from cperry85
    Good luck tomorrow!
    thanks i took my nclex today and got good pop up
  6. by   westcoastguy
    Quote from nursey909
    Goodluck westcoast!!
    Thanks i took my nclex today i cant believe that i got good pop up.