Which NCLEX-RN review online provides better CONTENT review? HURST, NCSBN, KAPLAN - page 2

I am lost right now and would really need a good advice. I graduated from nursing school 10 months ago. I had so much stuff going on in my life that i didnt have the motivation and concentration to... Read More

  1. by   mspugface
    i graduated 3 years ago. I got the Hurst online package because the sample lecture looked simple and entertaining, and it was. I made sure to fill up the handouts the first time but i also listened to each lecture multiple times. I also made sure to browse through all the 5th day material which proved to be helpfull too. As aunt marlene said, you have to know your core content without any doubt and hesitation. I felt like i got the refresher that i needed plus 6 exams 125 items each. The q review has lots of SATA which was good coz you can never really get enough practice with those. After i'm done with that i also answered questions from the only other reviewer i had which was a 3 year old Saunders (blue). I made sure to read all rationales and review the content area that you find most difficult. I even listed to the prioritization and management lecture on our long drive to the testing center after which i listened to the final thoughts video and i felt like i was pumped up for the exam. In short, it's good if you have other sources for questions to practice with but good knowledge of the core content really takes you a long way. I did Hurst with Saunders questions, took the exam last may 28, and passed. good luck!