What % on Practice Tests = NCLEX Pass?

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    I'm taking the NCLEX exam in about a month, doing TONS of practice questions. Lippincott, Saunders, Davis, Prentice-Hall, Evolve-Elsevier, plus Hurst. My overall average varies between 68-75% on these practice tests. There are certain areas that are stronger/weaker than others (some areas 50%, some areas 90%), but there's no predicting what the ratio will be on the actual NCLEX.

    What percentage of questions are YOU getting right? What percentage WERE you getting right when you took NCLEX, and did you pass?

    Just wondering if 68-75% is any indication of NCLEX success or if I SERIOUSLY need to step up my game.

    Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Sapphirestarr
    I would suggest you take the time to strengthen your weak areas without neglecting the ones you've already pretty much mastered. The NCLEX can ask you anything. If you feel you know the material fairly well you should be fine. Read your rationales and understand why you got the answer wrong. Even read the ones you got right because it might teach you something or help you look at the questions differently. I found that to be really helpful. But if you know the content then you shouldn't worry too much. Good luck!!
  4. by   RNtobeinSoCal
    Thank you so much for your feedback! Mat/peds is my worst, so I've been boning up on that, as well as following a Twitter feed that is all mat/peds NCLEx info - a bunch of great little nuggets. Doing normal lab/stats review tonight & taking a couple of practice tests tomorrow - hoping to break the 80% mark.
  5. by   Sapphirestarr
    Keep in mind that a lot of different resources can be counterproductive. You get a number in your head then you read somewhere else has a different number and you can get confused pretty quickly. For the most part I only used one resource for content and Kaplan question trainers for questions. I started to use ATI but they felt really specific to their content and I didn't care for them. Kaplan was way better.