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    I know I am one of a million people who posts these scores up. I am taking my test Feb. 5 ahhhhhh three days from now. I have been basically only doing kaplan the question trainers and Qbank. I read all the rationales and have been using Google when I read my rationales for stuff I need to freshen up on. This is my third time taking the test and hopefully my last. Has anyone passed with scores like mine? Would you say that Kaplan is harder or just as difficult as the actual test? And do you have to reach the 60% correct in Qbank to make sure that you will pass? I am so nervous. I really want to pass. My scores are below. If you have any advise please let me know as well. All Nurses is very helpful. Thanks guys!

    Diagnostic 60%
    QT1 55%
    QT2 48%
    QT3 50%
    QT4 54%
    QT5 49 %
    QT6 61%
    QT 7 61%

    I have been in the 58&-66% in Qbank.
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  3. by   AngelAsherah
    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet but I'm also preparing for it. I talked to my friend and she said that KAPLAN helped her a lot. She passed after answering 76 questions. She averages 50+% on her Qtrainers. She said that the questions made by KAPLAN has the same format with the real exam. Don't be discouraged. You got this! Good Luck!
  4. by   nclexhelper
    You will definitely pass! My QBank averages were lower than yours and I passed in 76 questions yesterday. Be prepared for A LOT of SATA questions. I'd recommend that you also take and review Sample Test 3 since it's all priority focused!
  5. by   MAStudent8578
    Thanks so much!!! Its very encouraging to hear that. I have done sample test three and I got a 78%. I just need to do sample test four. Thanks so much!