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Took the NCLEX RN today

  1. 0 I took the NCLEX RN today and I was so scared. I went in at noon and was outta there by 1:10pm. The test was nothing like i expected. i expected something much harder than what it was. in my opinion. I walked out of there not knowing how to feel. I ran to my car and did the PVT and I'm guessing I got the good pop up because it won't let me register again. I'm still so nervous. I hope the PVT really does work. They only thing I used to study was Hurst review and thought is was so great.
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    CONGRATS ANGIE RN! How was it? Im scheduled for feb 18 and did hurst review live and doing kaplan. I dont feel ready at all!
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    I didn't feel ready at all!!! I thought it would be tougher than it was. Just know that material on Hurst and you'll be fine. Good luck!!!
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    Im so nervous because I'm not good in pharamacology, peds, nor OB! I plan to take another hurst review live 3 days before my test
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    Just keep studying and I'm sure you'll do great :-) I was so sick to my stomach this morning. I prayed before, during and after.
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    Good luck on your results, Angie! I know that sick feeling. I even cried in the shower before I took the test and I was done with the NCLEX in 30 minutes so I definitely didn't know what to do with myself in the parking lot of the testing site. Sure you did wonderful! Advanced congrats?
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    Thank u so much! I cried when I left the testing center because I didn't know what to think.
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    Good luck! I think that's why everyone who takes the NCLEX feels so helpless and upset - it really is nothing like we prepare for. Having said that nothing I studied with prepared me for that exam. Gosh, I don't even know if one can study for it. And I passed it the first time around! lol Go figure.
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    You're right! I don't think someone can prepare for the unexpected. I really thought it was going to be horrible but it wasn't that bad. I was sitting there and I could here my heart pounding.
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    Congratulations! Way to go!
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    Thank u do much!!!
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    good luck i think you passed.i took mine 1/30/13 did the pvt and it went straight to the cc page.. sad face.. on the pearsonvue website it says my result is still not available..i kno i fail but would like the see my result..
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    Thank u but I don't want to get too happy until I see the official pass.