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Took the NCLEX-RN and run out of time

  1. 0 I took the NCLEX-RN on October 13 (Saturday 8:00 am), answered 209 questions and run out of time. I had 28 SATAs and none from Pharma Dosage and Calculations which I am good at. I got bored after answering 150 questions; I wished the computer would shut down sooner 'coz I knew from that moment "I Fail." Three hours after I took the Exam I did PVT (Pearson Vue Trick) that lead me to CC Payment, which means I did not Pass. Just yesterday (Friday), a week after I took the Exam, I got the mail in small envelope that confirms the result. I got "Near the passing standard" in all areas. I am planning to re-take after 3 months, I will not stop until I get my license.
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    I'm sorry that you did not pass. However, your unwavering determination to tackle the NCLEX beast will definitely pay off!

    That was my problem when I first took NCLEX RN in June 2010. I panicked when I got a calculation question with NO answer choices. I guess I was so used to getting answer choices when responding to this type of practice questions. And it threw me off and downhill I went from there. The computer KNEW and capitalized on this weakness and kept repeating similar type calculation questions without providing answer choices.

    I admire your ardent desire to keep going. Good luck to you! We can do this!
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    Just memorize the formula for dosage and calculations and convertion. Watch out for Rounding off to to the nearest tenth or nearest hundredths questions. I wish I had these kind of questions yet none appeared. The Best of Luck to us both and to all NCLEX test takers.