Took the NCLEX-RN and run out of time

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN on October 13 (Saturday 8:00 am), answered 209 questions and run out of time. I had 28 SATAs and none from Pharma Dosage and Calculations which I am good at. I got bored after answering 150 questions; I wished the computer would shut down sooner 'coz I knew from that moment "I Fail." Three hours after I took the Exam I did PVT (Pearson Vue Trick) that lead me to CC Payment, which means I did not Pass. Just yesterday (Friday), a week after I took the Exam, I got the mail in small envelope that confirms the result. I got "Near the passing standard" in all areas. I am planning to re-take after 3 months, I will not stop until I get my license.
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  3. by   begosh
    I'm sorry that you did not pass. However, your unwavering determination to tackle the NCLEX beast will definitely pay off!

    That was my problem when I first took NCLEX RN in June 2010. I panicked when I got a calculation question with NO answer choices. I guess I was so used to getting answer choices when responding to this type of practice questions. And it threw me off and downhill I went from there. The computer KNEW and capitalized on this weakness and kept repeating similar type calculation questions without providing answer choices.

    I admire your ardent desire to keep going. Good luck to you! We can do this!
  4. by   l4dybug
    Just memorize the formula for dosage and calculations and convertion. Watch out for Rounding off to to the nearest tenth or nearest hundredths questions. I wish I had these kind of questions yet none appeared. The Best of Luck to us both and to all NCLEX test takers.