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took NCLEX today :/

  1. 0 Today 7/10/13 I took the NCLEX-RN and I'm totally freaking out! My computer shut off at 108 questions! Such a random number! I have no idea if that is good or bad, but I'm praying for good. Ahh omg.
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    Did you do the pearson vue trick?
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    I did! Last night. And I got the "pop up"!! Such a relieve. I've been reading that everyone who gets the pop up has passed, so I'm hoping its true for me too! Ill know for definite late this evening. I just have to check the Massachusetts License Verification Site.
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    Congrats - I did the trick Monday and found out I passed yesterday. And the 108 questions doesn't matter lol, just means the computers algorithm decided you were safe enough.
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    Thanks! And Congrats to you!!

    I just wanna see RN next to my name so I can know for sure.
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    Mine shut off at 78 haha and a gf of mine shut off at 142. Wierd numbers but we both got the "good popup" and both got the unofficial pass results 2 days later!!! CONGRATS!!
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    If you got the good pop up I would not worry. It's a tried and true phenomenon that worked for me and many others. What people do not understand is that it's not the number of Qs to "pass" the test, it is when the computer can determine a band of confidence within 95% certainty that you are a minimally competent practitioner (whether it is 75 or 265 Qs). In reality, the number of Qs is just the amount of time you're taking to prove your competency to the system.
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    Btw congrats to the new RNs
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    Congratulations! Mercedes can you share your study materials please....what did you used to study?
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    Officially saw my results! RN right over here! I was skeptical about the PVT trick, but it works! As for studying I used ATI and Saunders. I also bought a Kaplan question book just to cover myself. The Kaplan Q&A book was okay. I liked the questions, but the rationales were so simple and did not go into depth. I would say Saunders was the best Q&A book/study guide I used. The questions were extremly similar to NCLEX and the rationales were awesome! ATI was extremly helpful with determining the content you were weak in, the rationales though werent that great.