Took the NCLEX today and think i failed! :(

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    So i took my exam today, it was ridiculously hard. There were meds i've never heard of as well as diseases. I had atleast 10-15 SATA. i honestly felt like the only answers i got right were the first and last. I did the PVT and i got the pop up but i cannot believe that i passed, i KNOW i was getting the SATA wrong, they kept throughing them at me! So now what? How do i get to the BON to see if i have a license number by my name? i can't find it and honestly i won't be surprised if there won't be one. Computer shut off at 75 questions. The ones that i can remember i look up and i got them wrong! a simple output recording i got wrong! i need someone to tell me what to expect! please and thank you!

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    I felt the same way. The exact same way. And I passed 2 days ago.

    If you're getting the pop-up, you passed.

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    looks like you passed...congratulations.
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    Yeah I didnt trust the PVT trick either but it worked for me and a friend showed me how to see if I passed by going on DOH website (if you are from florida ) and go to healthcare professionals and then Nursing Education Information and put in your info and voila exam scores right there for free

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