Took NCLEX this morning! 105 questions, good pop up on pearson vue trick?!

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new to the site but I had to post to say how helpful this website has been to me the past month while I have been studying for NCLEX! If you're still studying, search "nclex study guide" on this website, its 35 pages long and extremely helpful! I also used ATI comprhensive review book, Kaplan strategies book, and Saunders Q&A. Studied almost everyday for 3 weeks straight, for around 8-10 hours (basically I had no life ).

    This morning I took the NCLEX in NYS, computer turned off at 105 questions and I was terrified. I had a ton of medications, SATA, and priority. I came out thinking I definitely failed. After about 5 hours of convincing myself to try the Pearson Vue Trick I got a pop up saying "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Does that mean I passed?!!!?? That is the "good pop up" right???!

    Thanks everyone, goodluck to everyone studying!
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  3. by   kajh20
    Congradulations to you! Your hard work paid off! I'm in that same mode right now and today I'm like, "I so cannot wait till this is over, I have no life!!!

    Good job!
  4. by   kajh20
    hey, I just posted but forgot to ask about your method for selecting all the apply? did you use any special book for those or did you just know the diseases processes in and out? Any tips I would be so thankful for as these really freak me out.
    Oh and also for placing things in order like a procedure (which seems to be what I get from practice), is there a method you learned, like beginning with cking dr. order gathering equip, explain to pt, position pt, then place the procedure (say like indwelling cath) in order? one of my practice question from exam cram thru in dimming the lites, but after cross referencing that I found that lighting is important and is done after positioning the pt.

    But, I guess I'm curious to if when placing any task in order is it basically the same concept beginning with dr. order, equip, explaining to pt, then any other relevant steps then the steps for activity that needs to be done?

    Seems simple and I'm sure I'm making more complex but I JUST WANNA KNOW!!!

  5. by   kimRN512
    Hey, I didn't really find a method for placing things in order I just studied each body system at a time. And as for select all that apply, i'm HORRIBLE at them. I'm surprised I was able to answer any of them. The nclex study guide on this website was the most helpful for me read over that everyday. Good luck!!