Took nclex rn yesterday bad pop up!!!!!:"(

  1. There was a lot priorities, SATA, infection disease, no shut off at 75 q's i knew i didn't pass i just wanted to cry...i was in a hurry to get home to check the famous POP UP WELL i did it like 7 times!! couldn't believe that i didn't pass status was" delivered" so it was correct.
    I did studied from NCSBN website and Saunders for content.....please i need some advice on what is the best study method Kaplan? Should i get the "La charity book"? i am desperated please i need help. I'm very frustrated when am i suppose to retake the NCLEX RN again?

    Thanks in advanced.
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  3. by   sawms
    Things happen, but you will get it together and try again. At least you know what to expect when you go test. There are many different resources depending on your weakness, but I found that most all of them repeated the same "most importantly" motto. I personally found my greatest success with NCLEX RN Alternative Format Questions (Lippincott) and Priorities, Delegation... (Lacharity). If I had to sum it up, I would say use the thought process of answering every question as if YOU are standing at the patients door and YOU have all the available resources and staff to complete the task (and remember, it is about what YOU know, not how well you can get someone else to help you). I found that if you knew your priorities and how to delegate, you could answer any question except a med calc. As you have probably heard before don't try to memorize Q&A. There are thousands of possible questions they can ask and at most you will get 265 adapted to you. So don't take the memory approach. I found the alternative format questions to be a good study guide because the more questions I studied, the more comfortable I became at seeing and answering them. I reread them as "True / False" questions for each possible option.

    Good luck
  4. by   soulmike11
    i took the NCLEX RN too this morning i knew it that i never passed cuz most of the questions was repeated in my last 10 questions... but i never did that vue trick hows is that....