Things I did to pass Nclex 2nd time around!

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    Hey all If you have questions post below but I did Kaplan Qbank and question trainers, the new Lachairity book, and Hogan cd question. I did a total of 6,700 questions and passed at 126 shut off. The first time I had 256 shut off in march 5th 2012 and I waited until June 21 2012 to retake it do about 3 months although I took a month break for myself before restudying.

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    Okay u only ordered the Kaplan q-bank? And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from keishar
    Okay u only ordered the Kaplan q-bank? And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my friend orders te whole think for $500 I didn't go to any classes but I just did the questions she had access to online
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    Quote from keishar
    Okay u only ordered the Kaplan q-bank? And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey girl I saw your post on the other topic I just did all the Qbank questions and the question trainers and the medication review I didn't focus on reviewing because that's almost like memorizing for me and I feel I can think through questions by doing a bunch of them but as far as "studying" this isn't like a test you take at school it's a strategy on a computer and you have to learn the trick of how to take this test for example a topic or medication might be asked and you never heard of it in all your years of studying but Nclex knows that... That's not the point if you can't think through why each answer is wrong then they "got you" you will get questions on stuff you know like the back of your hand but the answers will make you say I have noooooooo clue .... Welcome to Nclex the trick is eliminating what's wrong by paying attention sometimes 2 answers r saying the exact same thing and your soo focus on tryin to remember the topic that you don't see that 1 and 4 r technically the same answer and that leaves you with 2 and you can decide from there
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    How I passed the NCLEX the 2nd time-

    First off, I took HURST REVIEW, which was awesome for content, but I did not find their Q-Bank helpful. SO the 2nd time around, I scheduled my test as soon as I could (so leaving me less than 2 months to prepare for my 2nd time) I also took Kaplan online, and just practice the Q-Trainers everyday. Long story short, I passed the second time. Dont get discouraged because I sure did. Just keep doing the practice questions. Also, if you dont have a good feeling about your test, dont feel bad to reschedule. The first time- i wanted to just get the test over with... BAD IDEA because I was not ready. 2nd time- I rescheduled a couple times just because I felt like I needed an extra day or two to work on questions, and at least one day to recoup and relax before taking the test. Also, dont get too hung up on scores....I felt like the more tests I did, the worst my scores got.

    Good Luck Everyone! Yall can do it!

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