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Yes! You read it correctly! :) I thank the Lord and forever be grateful that i've failed my first NCLEX. I know it sounds ironic but this is how I perceived it. And Here's my take on it. ... Read More

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    Thank you mlak! GODbless!
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    I can tell you're a Filipino.. Congratulations...
    yes indeed! thanks CrazyJess. GODbless!
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    true that! And GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. thank you and GODbless!
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    congrats! thanks for sharing your experience.. Your story is very inspiring I also graduated 2009 and will be taking NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I just want to ask you a question, since you used NCSBN and kaplan qtainers, which one do you think is the closest to the NCLEX questions? And do you think the 35 pages study guide that's circulating here really hepled? thanks!

    thank you! goodluck and GODbless on your upcoming board exam.

    For me, studyguide did help a lot.And for your other question, i can't say which one is closest because no one knows what will be on the topics. Its a case to case basis. Its an adaptive test wherein it throws you questions based on how you answer. I can say that both of them helped me to think critically. The questions are good but for the rationales i go for QT because they explained it well.

    GODbless on the exam. you can do this! and i'll pray for you as well if you don't mind.
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    CONGRATULATION for becoming a Nurse!!!!

    I like to read your post...very helpful!!!
    thank you tavia_yeung! GODbless!
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    Friend, this is the longest story I've ever read here in ALLNURSES.. Your so funny.. Anyway, I want to congrats you and I'm happy for your success.. Yehey!!! GODbless you..


    true that! haha! and make learning fun. more fun,happy life. LOL

    THANK YOU!!!!!! yeah, talk to you later. keep in touch,ok? longest post ever! i think, i composed this for about two days. HAHAHA! not only nosebleed,hemorrhage!! haha! (i know you get what i'm sayin) haha! just keep in touch friend. message me if you need help. GODbless on your upcoming exam.
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    Congrats!!!!!!!! That was very inspirational. I also took the "Scenic" route to becoming a RN. However my Guardian Angel was my 11 yrs old daughter at the time. I had two attempts at a local Community college ,while working full time and being a single mom. Missed my midterm by 3 points. 3 yrs washed away. Cried all the way home and for two days after that. My daughter looked at me and said:"so where are we going to school now????? You promised to become a Nurse. " She would not let me quit. I became a LPN in 2008 ,completed the LPN-RN bridge in 2010,and have not regreted a moment since.
    You are right ........God will work it things out on your behalf, you just have to tell him your dreams.

    thanks and congrats also to you my co-RN. i agree and I believe on the power of prayer. GOD is faithful to us.

    I also want to you to know that I admire all the single mom. My mom is also a single mom, she worked really hard for our family and eventhough we are not a complete family. I feel so loved by GOD and my family and my mother's side family. I appreciate all the hardwork and I respect all the single moms out there like you. GODbless!
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    Thanks a million for writing you experience in detail, congratulation to you and I look forward to giving my NCLEX story when I take mine. I already claim my victory from my father in heaven:-) and can't wait to inspire others.

    Thank You!!!!
    thanks NurseCeline. I really decided to take it into full detail to help other people and also to inspire everyone. I've been also on your place before, as I was reading other posts, i really said to myself that one day im going to share my success stories here and booooom! it became reality. Dreams do come true. GODbless and goodluck on your nclex!
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    Thank you for sharing your nclex story.. this is so inspirational.. your story motivates me to study even harder. I really want to kneel this exam badly.. and I really appreciate the verses you have shared, thank you.. and congrats to your success!!

    Thank you! I'm glad that my nclex experience helps and encourages someone like you to strive harder for their dreams. Just believe, have faith and focus. GODbless and goodluck on your studies and to the exam.
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    Thank you for posting this inspirational experience. It's a motivator for all of us, whether we are just starting out or wish to pursue another avenue in nursing.
    Thank you GinginRN,

    im happy that my nclex experience served us a motivator to each and everyone. It fattens my heart, my intestines, my gallbladder. (kidding aside). It really made me happy to inspire other people. GODbless!
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    Thank you so much for posting this. Worth the read. Probably the longest post I have EVER seen on here, but totally worth the read.

    Congratulations on passing

    Thank you for taking your time to read my lengthy post and for your kind words. GODbless!
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    Truly we are subject to God's plan and not our own. If it was not to be, then it would not happen...even on the 100th time. Amen for realizing that it is the work of our savior Jesus Christ and may God Bless you in your future endeavors.
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    WOWEEEE!! U GO GIRL! Your patients will be lucky to have you as their nurse. SO dedicated. Wishing you the best of luck with whatever job you pursue. **rubs eyes and kinda seeing double after all that reading** =)