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    Hey whats up everyone, I'm taking the boards on July 5th and my anxiety is out the roof lol Anyways I took kaplan and as you can see my scores aren't the best but I was wondering if i can get some input. My average for qbank ended up being a 57%. I only have a few days left before the big day, so what do I do for these last few days? Should I do all the focuesd review tests that are found in kaplan? I need some help lol All the constructive feed back is welcomed. Thank-you

    Diagnostic= 46.7%

    Trainer 1- 58.7%
    Trainer 2- 60%
    Trainer 3- 44% (Kept pausing and coming back to)
    Trainer 4- 54%
    Trainer 5- 57.3%
    Readiness- 61.7%
    Trainer 6- 58%
    Trainer 7- 59.6%

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    I did only the q bank and I have finished 75% and average till now 56%. My exams is on July/8
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    I had to get the exam out of the way before my birthday lol
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    I am testing Friday at 2 pm. I'm already dreading it and am way too nervous!!!
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    I know Im testing at 8am
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    How are you preparing these last few days?
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    I'm using Kaplan so I've been reviewing every trainer and qbank test I've done. Also am just doing some spot reviews using Saunders. I am not sure what else to do at this point!

    How about you?
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    I'm doing kaplan as well I finished all the qtrainer and qbank and reviews them all once, not sure what to do
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    Did you do the focused exams as well?

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