Test Stopped at 135 NCLEX-PN got the good pop-up - page 2

I took the test this past monday! After a stressful month of studying and worrying for the phase that every nurse has to go through, I passed the NCLEX-PN. my test stopped at a 135. I got 20 SATA,... Read More

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    Quote from kingkill
    Thanks everyone!!! Its really a big stress relief, if anyone has any questions as of how to prepare and what not, feel free to contact me. Thank again!!!
    Hello! Whats ur resources?! How to answer sata?
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    Quote from melaniedale28f
    Hello! Whats ur resources?! How to answer sata?
    sata its like answering a true or false question.if you know your content youll do fine.
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    I have just graduated pn school and am wondering what books should I be studying from and are there any cheap online reviews classes out there.

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