Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow! Please keep me in your prayers!

  1. 1 Hi all! I am taking my nclex at 2 pm tomorrow.. the anxiety level has come down over the past few days. I have studied and prepared over the past 2 months and feel like I have done all I can to go in there to kick this test's butt! I woukd still appreciate prayers from anyone. It would mean a lot to me and I will def keep you guys updated on my results! Thanks everyone!!
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    Good Luck Crios!!! I'll be praying for you,God Bless you
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    good luck
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    Hey! I came across your post. I am taking nclex tomorrow at 12pm...
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    I will say a prayer for both of us!
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    goodluck! 2 months is a long time to prepare, be confident update us
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    I know you've done your part,and HE knows whats the best for us! Be positive! Good Luck and God Bless!
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    Thank you everyone
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    I will keep you all posted! Ill pray for you too Mnoemi28! We can do this!!
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    Relax, you know your stuff, just show them. Pretend it's just another lab, lecture with a sub. You will be fine.
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    Got the good pop up guys!!
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    Congrats crios! I got the good pop up as well .
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    Yay for you!!!

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