TAKING NCLEX @ 8am!!!!

  1. 0 In less than 12 hours I will be taking my NCLEX-PN for the first (and LAST) time! I don't know if it's a good or very bad thing but I am not nervous nor have I even considered the fact that I may not pass. Truthfully, the really bad thing is that I have not even studied since I graduated December 7th. I've glanced and read a bit but not really dived in to a review whatsoever. So, here I am, in a hotel room, full of caffiene and a big ass reality check. Now, I'm nervous. So I plan to go through the ATI book we were given during our three day review, re-memorize lab values and meds, focus on my weak spots according to my ATI Predictor exit exam and probably take another ATI test. My poor Saunders book has been more of an accessory then a study guide. But, it is a great book and I wish I had gotten it at the beginning of my program because bless her heart my instructor was a hot mess who steadily got more crazy and less effective through the year. I'll say it again: "Just because you are a nurse with several years of experience (hers being a school nurse for ten years in a small town), this DOES NOT make you a teacher." And no my program is not accredited nor is the RN transition program. So....thankfully from the advice and articles I've read on here I am resolute in attending anywhere but there. Sadly, our director basically begs the LPN students to apply and attend and do not mention furthering their education (i.e. BSN) because she knows that there is a huge possibility the curriculum will not transfer. So all the ^^^^ has nothing to do with NCLEX...I'm just incredibly nervous but like I said before, not terrified. Hopefully I'll come out knowing why....

    Good luck and best wishes to all!
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    Goodluck! You will be a LPN 24hrs from now
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    Good luck
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    Good luck!
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