Take NCLEX again after years of expired status?

  1. Hello all. I took LPN courses about 10 years ago. Took and passed my boards in Iowa. However, the hospital I worked at as a CNA did not have LPN positions open and my husband and I had a baby on the way, so I chose to just let it go for a while to stay home with her while I waited for an LPN position to open. Life happened and more babies came and I fell into the role of being a stay at home mom/wife while my LPN license expired... now 10 years have passed and all the kids are in school and I could just kick myself for not keeping it active with at least part time work.

    Add to the frustration, if I were still living in Iowa I could just pay a $275 fine and take 1.2CEUs and have the license back. But since I live in Nebraska now, I would have to take a "refresher" course that would take longer to complete and cost more than my RN will take. I don't want the LPN license to work, just to be eligible to take the last two courses I need for my RN.

    Does anyone have any experience with taking the NCLEX in a different state than initially taken in? Are there requirements for how long one can have been out of school? I did email the board of nursing in Nebraska but have not yet heard back. Am also considering taking the boards in another non-compact state if that is possible. I just really need my license so I can finish school... I made so many mistakes along the way and just want to go back to school so I can provide for myself and my children. I cannot beleive it is this hard to get back on track
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