Suzanne's Plan is no longer available on this site

  1. suzanne has stepped down as a moderator at and is taking a break from the hard work she has been doing here for many years. the time and attention she has given this site are invaluable and greatly appreciated. the nclex plan is one she created herself and all rights to it belong solely to her.

    she is entitled to her privacy, and while we all dearly hope to see her back on the threads she owes us nothing. remember that all staff members at volunteer their time to provide this terrific resource for all of us and try not to demand more than we can give.

    please do not post messages asking about suzanne's plan for it is no longer available.

    please do not ask for information to be shared on the site as this is a violation of her copywritten material.

    thank you all for your consideration in this matter.
    suzanne4's plan is no longer available.

    there are many resources available for helping you to pass the nclex. we urge you to contact your nursing school advisor for current books, cds, etc. please review the many other threads in the nclex forum by members posting about what worked for them and how they set out their study plan. whether taking the test for the first time or as a repeat test-taker, start your plan from the beginning. if you are retaking the exam give yourself a short break before starting from scratch. decide on a plan and stick to it, use resources that work for you whether it is a book or internet website.

    we suggest you spend some time reading and you may find these threads a good starting point; plus there may be a study thread for the month you are sitting the exam so you can get support from others sitting the exam in the same month as yourself

    anyone for random fact throwing
    study group questions
    kaplan vs ncsbn rn review
    i passed- ever felt down about the nclex
    nclex-drugs most prescribed
    kaplan or saunders?

    i have two months to study for the nclex what should my plan of attack be?
    passed the nclex 2nd time

    good luck to everyone on your new nursing career!!!!
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