Studying for NCLEX...?

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    So I graduated from my University on Saturday (12/15) with my BSN, and am due to start working at my first "new grad nurse" position on the 14th of January.
    My question is this- I have heard so many different things about how much to study, what to study, when to start studying, how long to study each day etc.. Can anyone give me advice on what worked for them?
    Background info: I would like to take the NCLEX-RN before I start at my position, but I can take it later (my employer allows one to work UP TO 90 days of orientation while not having taken the NCLEX), I have begun studying for the NCLEX as well as completed a 3 day review by HESI (provided by my university). As well, I have done consistently well on the HESI tests we took at my university (never got lower than an 80% and averaged about 90-95% on the 7 or 8 tests we took).
    Any advice anyone has for me would be much appreciated!!

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