So scare for the 3rd try in next 2 months

  1. First of all I would like to introduce myself to you all here. I am new to this website and sure it was just a few minutes ago that I decied to register to find some friends who would be in the same situation or a better one to join our excitement. I graduated from Thailand about 15 years ago and I was an RN for only almost 3 years and then I went to the pharmaceutical industry after that.

    Right now I am living in Florida, USA after getting married to my lovely husband almost 4 years ago. This year I decided to get back to nursing filed and started to study to get my American license to be able to work here professionaly. My first try was 2 years ago and of course I failed easily due to lack of practice and this year just a couple weeks ago I took the test again. I had only 75 questions to be my chance this time and I failed again. According to living in Florida this next try will be my last chance before I need to reapply and take a class to have a chance to take a test again. I am so scare!!!

    As I said I gratuated about 15 years ago out side the States and had a very small background with nursing experience. I have no idea how to start my review because I have a feeling I don't understand and don't understand every single page I have read so far. Is there anybody can suggest me who far away from the nursing that long and become a friend or study buddy to help each other?
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