Should i reschedule it or take it.? PLEASE HELP - page 2

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Im reviewing since feb but on and off due to my job.. My NCLEX PN will be on April 17 i dont know if i should take or reschedule it... advice please....... Read More

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    Quote from eatmysoxRN
    I took NCLEX as soon as I could. I felt like I either had it or didn't. I reviewed key things I felt I didn't understand but tried to use my critical thinking to get through it and I passed at 75 questions.

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    did you already pass ? did you reschedule also yours or not
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    If you know your fundamentals, you're good to go. No need to prolong your agony.
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    You Can Do It! Im In The Same Boat So I Wanna Encourage You Dont Feel Discouraged! Do Questions And Study Content Until The 2 Days Before And Rest Amd Relax The Last Day! Good Luck!!
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    I wouldn't reschedule. 12 extra days isn't going to make the difference between a pass or a fail, and it just gives you more time to worry and stress about it.
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    Thanks guys for your advice .. I will take it and claim it that i will be LVN this April 17, 2013... Thanks guys for encouragements...