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Should I move up my test date? - page 3

Ok, here's my situation. I'm thinking about moving my nclex date 9 days and take it next monday. I've been studying since February and now I've been doing hardcore studying for the past week. I've... Read More

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    Quote from anashenwrath
    For what it's worth, if your QTs are the same as mine, QT 3 is one that a lot of people drop on. I average in the low 60s, and on QT 3 I got in the low 50s. I almost threw up. But my Kaplan prof was like, "Don't freak. Everyone does really bad on QT3." Sure enough, I went right back up after that.

    It sounds like you're ready.
    Thank you. That really made me feel better.
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    Awesome, Q trainer score is 64. I wish Kaplan had more SATA quesitons.