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  1. if you are in rn school or going to be soon enrolling in rn school, then you either know about ati testing or soon will! i have been using ati at my school now for over year and with graduation coming soon in march we just took our first ati comprehensive predictor test! i searched online trying to find out information about this test prior to taking it - mainly how high of a score i would need to have my colleges requirement of a 90% predictability of passing the nclex, which is what my school requires for graduation.

    i had a hard time finding the information and what i did find i was not sure if it was corrrect. i wanted to share this information from my comprehensive predictor that i took!

    this will break down your score on the ati and then give you the equivalent or percentage rate of passing the nclex -rn

    the following information is based on the ati 2010 version
    column one is the rn comprehensive predictor individual score and column 2 is the predicted probability of passing the nclex-rn:

    80.7%-100% = 99%
    78.0%-80.0% =98%
    74.7%-77.3% =96-97%
    72.0%-74.0% = 94-95%
    70.0%-71.3% = 91-93%
    68.7%-69.3% = 89-90%
    66.0%-68.0% = 84-88%
    64.7% -65.3% = 81-82%
    62.7%-64.0% = 75-79%

    i am stopping here as you can see that the individual scores are down in the low 60 % and you still have a 75% chance of passing the nclex-rn on your first try, however since most schools such as mine require a 90% probability of passing to graduate i didn't want to go on any further.

    if you need more information please let me know and i will continue the chart; when you take your first proctored comprehensive predictor you will get a chart on the last page of your report from the ati test, but i wanted to share this for those of you, who are like me and wanted information before going in to take the test!
    best of luck to all!
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  3. by   DaveBSN
    ATI's pretests in many cases are full of incorrect and outdated information. Their post-graduation 3 day NCLEX review is a dog & pony show. I relied solely on that review and the material provided to take my NCLEX and I failed. ATI is a tool used by schools to maintain their accreditation and nothing more. ATI is about making money and I have even had a professor of mine admit to me that she was fairly sure that nurses were not making up the content on the ATI tests. I have taken 100's of snapshots of ATI questions with snipping tool (found in windows 7) and shared them with nurses who flat out say they are wrong! For instance, ATI believes that nurses are the ones who ensure a patient understands a surgical procedure they have upcoming when in fact that is the physicians responsibility. ATI also does not know the difference between side effects and adverse side effects. ATI believes that nurses are responsible for helping victims of physical abuse develop escape plans the next time they are abused. Of course, ALL of these are WRONG. All their NCLEX review did for me was have me study materials I wasn't even tested on when I took my NCLEX. ATI is a complete waste of time and effort. I graduated an accredited university with a Bachelors in Nursing with a 3.25gpa and failed the NCLEX because I relied on ATI to provide a quality review and used their materials to study. What I got turned out to be a bad joke and now a horrible situation. There's a reason ATI doesn't want anyone copying their questions on tests. There's a reason ATI reps won't speak directly to students. There's a reason you can never get a nurse on the line to speak to at ATI. They are trying to cover up the fact that they are in the business of making money, not educating students.