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  1. Hi Everyone..
    I have a question in regards to taking the NCLEX the second time around. I've read that you should pay the application fee for CTS which is $91 so I paid for it ONLINE and there's this specific questions that you should fill up and after Im done paying and printing out that form.. I was wondering if I have to fill up some parts of that FOUR PAGE APPLICATION that wasnt been filled up cuz it wasnt asked upon registering, esp. the PART V which is the RECORD of EXAMINATION so what I did is I filled it up I just handwrite it and I also answered the PART III & IV ; EDUCATION INFORMATION & RECORD OF LICENSURE INFORMATION consecutively. I know I've previously answered those parts before I just want to make sure if I have to fill it up again but oh well I already did. I fill it up again eventhough its my second application I dont want to assume that they have my record just for safety purposes I filled those parts AGAIN... xD But I still have my papers here... Haven't applied to pearson vue yet cuz I dont know if I have to apply now or wait till I get a respond from CTS. & I'm wondering how long do you think will i wait till i get a respond from CTS.

    I already asked CTS regarding this TOPIC but all they said is resubmit a new application and pay the fee.. didnt even ans. my question.. oh well.. I hope you guys can help me with this... Thanks! :]
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