retaking kaplan...any tips?

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    Hey everyone! So i unfortunately failed my nclex...for the second time...i must say i didnít study as much as i should have since I started working as an NCP but Iím getting back on the horse...again even if it takes a million times lol. I took Kaplan review the first go around and i didnít much like it mostly because i had just graduated and i was tired of looking at nursing related things i think if it would have actually given it a chance it would have worked out. I actually won the course so i guess i didnít feel inclined to finish it or do it the right way, so i didnít take the tests at the end therefore voiding the ďif you fail you can take the course again on themĒ deal. I have read on here before that the classroom review course only takes attendance the first day so as long as you have the book (which I do since I did it once already) and miss the first can go to the classes and just sit in...anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks guys!

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