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Anybody from Lancaster, CA would like a study partner for RN-NCLEX examination, please email me. I like to study in person. Even though I studied so much, I did not pass my NCLEX for the first time. I have studied Kaplan... Read More

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    Are you taking the RN or PN NCLEX? I am doing PN and was thinking of looking for a study buddy/group. I live in PA though.

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    I am studying for RN-NCLEX :-)
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    Hello eelise11...thank you :-)
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    Hello everyone,

    I am still looking for a study buddy. I am from Lancaster, CA. I am going to retake my second one in September. I can skype. If you live close, we can meet at the local public library. I am using Kaplan coursebook, and Saunder's for now. Next month i am planing to do 200 questions a day, but for now i am more focused on the content portion. It's so sad that so many people reply to my posts, but none of them are serious about group studying. What's wrong with you people? Either don't reply or reply if you are serious about your education!

    Thank you.

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