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Registered Nurse

  1. 0 It feels so good to say, it just flows in tongue. To begin, I would love to thank a few people on this blog. CrazyJess, girl I don't think word can describe how thankful I am of you; I've never imagined getting that much support from wayyyyyy where you are to where I am so thanks a million. I heartnicu89, you were also a big help and thank you.

    I really have to say that NCLEX is something else so I went to NCLEX with one thing in mind. God is faithful and while I was sitting in the parking lot I opened my bible to Hebrew 10:23
    Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

    I practice less than 500 questions ( I have trouble with anxiety, so it was best to stay away from the questions)
    I used: Hurst, Lacharity PDA ( must have), Mary Hogan NCLEX-RN review, Kaplan question bank ( I did 200 questions), Nursing the ultimate study guide. I knew my problem was with content so I dedicated every Saturdays and Mondays to study for at least 8hrs. A few friends told me about doing 300 questions daily, which I agreed to but couldn't do.
    I think NCLEX is a unique experience, I went to the center and my husband told me " go give NCLEX a run for your money, kick ass". All I could do was smile, I was thinking how hard can this thing possibly be; oh it was hard but through it all I said the St. Joseph of Cuppertino prayer, I ask God for a clear mind and peace in my heart. I took a break and went to the bathroom and thank God in advance for is faithfulness when I went back, I ask him continue to bless me with Endocrine and cardio which I got , I also had like 25 SATA about s+s of SIADH, DKA, Lactoovovegetarian and so forth.
    You guys can do it, study smart and understand the disease process and you'll see.

    Love you you guys :-)
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    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience!
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    Congrats... You did it.
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    Congratulations!!! please include us in your prayers... Good luck in your coming career!!!
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    Thank you so much ladies, and you are always included in my prayers!!
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    Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you. Your finally an RN. Do you have a job yet?
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    IheartNICU89, I am working. It's been a whole 2 days cuz I took the test on Saturday the 13th. I used to volunteer there so I applied when I got my letter from the board....... I'm so happy, now I can't sleep cuz I used to study from 11p till 2am :-(
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    OMG! You have no idea how happy I am for you... You did it!!!! Congratulations!
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    CrazyJess, thank you for everything. I emailed you!!!
    My God is a faithful God.