Question NCLEX RN . Please help.....

  1. Hi everyone. So I just took
    Took me 6Hours and answered 265 questions. I remember more or less my last 60 questions were prioritization. Prioritizations left and right and my last few questions were prioritizations and a SATA. Haaay.

    Anyone in here that also went thru the same thing?? Did you pass??

    I had ECG, Drag and Drop, a few conference questions and Infection Control, NO calculation and gazillion of Prioritization, I mean really a lot esp. the last part. And SATA's more or less 25-30

    This is also my 4th time.

    Pleae help me relax my nerves...
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  3. by   stronger83
    Did u do the pvt trick?
  4. by   blessedBSNRN
    Quote from stronger83
    Did u do the pvt trick?

    Not yet bud I got the good pop. I never thought I'd feel this way but is good pop up really accurate?
  5. by   RNSEP13
    yes!!! i got the same pop up. took my test yesterday 9/10 @ 800AM. We did it!!!! )
  6. by   blessedBSNRN
    I am still a but anxious if good pop up is really accurate tho.. I mean......... I hope we did it!!!!!!