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question in re: to Kaplan choices

  1. 0 hi,
    can someone explain to me what it means by "comma, comma, and" rule
    from kaplan?
    i was doing this question from kaplan earlier, and i didn't understand the strategy when the explained the answers...
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    the comma, comma, and rule means that, if you get a question and the answer choices have a series of choices seperated by commas.......for example a.) tachycardia, sob, and palpitations........ all of the answer choices have to be correct for the whole entire selection to be correct. if one of the answers seperated by commas does not apply to the question you are trying to answer, the whole answer is incorrect and you must not choose that one. i hope this helps you.
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    Thank you so much for explaining! I had no clue what Kaplan meant by that, when i was practicing those questions, now i know. Thanks again!!!
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    I was wondering about the "comma comma and rule" too! Thanks!

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