Q: Those who passed the NCLEX, what did your study plan look like?

  1. Just wanted to get an idea how to create my study plan...

    For those who passed the NCLEX...

    What did your study plan look like?
    Did you use a test review? If no, what did you use?
    How many hours did you study a day?
    How many questions did you do a day?
    How long did you study until you took the NCLEX?

    Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    1. I didn't really have a plan. I tried to read a little bit and do some questions every day, but I didn't study every day and I just went through my review book cover-cover or picked an area to study that day at random.

    2. My school offered a week-long comprehensive NCLEX review after graduation, so I took that. It was by Judy Miller. She also gave us power-point notes for her entire review, so I used those when I was studying myself. I also used NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy as my only review book.

    3. Probably about two hours per day, but sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes I skipped a day.

    4. The NCLEX-RN Made Easy book was broken up into a brief content review and then about 100 review questions per section. I did about half or a whole section per day- so about 50-100 questions.

    5. I graduated in mid-May and took the NCLEX at the end of June. I wouldn't have waited so long, but it took forever for my application to be processed by the state BON. Ideally, I wanted to take the exam as soon as possible after graduation.
  4. by   rachel0609
    I would definitely take the exam as soon after graduation, info is fresh and less time to procrastinate! Good luck