PVT really works.. i hope so =(

  1. I took the NCLEX exam (redundant haha) last feb. 18,2012 at 8 am here in hawaii. I did only kaplan videos and nclex 3500 set in review mode. I started 8:30 am and finishing it at 10:03 am so about an hour and half.... shut off at 75th question with 10 SATAs and 2 drag and drop ,these i know were high level questions... 15 med questions... i think.. and 80 % prioritization questions (so tough) hehe.. did the pvt at 11am with delivery successful and had the GOOD POP UP (our records..etc). And i'm so scared that i'll be the 1 % of all nurses to fail but i am sure that God is good. I am claiming that i really did passed my nclex.. need to be positive to relieve my anxiety... Godbless to all my fellow nurses... (having my glass of cold wheat grass juice now with honey syrup (yummy) while doing my post hehe)
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  3. by   Avocadoloveer
    HellO! I had similar experiences as yours. I also had a lot of sata. I started getting sata after the 3rd questions. I also had 1 drag and drop, about 2 pictures that required lots of thinking lol (it wasnt like ok name this. I actually had to think about it), sooo many random meds, sooo many priority and safety questions. I was just glad that I Know I got the priority and drag and drop questions right. However I gave up with most of the meds. I was like wth. I couldnt even use my trick with using prefixes or suffixes. At least, I know that I got ob, psych, safety questions right. I did feel like crap when I came out but I knew that I answered my last question correctly. My computer shut off at 75 question too. I hope and pray that pearson trick works cuz it really relieved me so much stress!
  4. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    it really worked my friend.. i've got my hawaii RN license already.. i've got 2-3 exhibit also but i can't remember it coz i am really not sure about my ans. to that particular question... you are right ma friend.. i am devastated when a med questions come out.. saying to myself..."oh not again" ahahahahah it was tough to get med question coz even i scramble it like seeing and disecting it like the prefix , suffix,the root word.. i can't really get it so i am just relying to my instinct and my intelligent guess ahahahaha but Thank God coz He is so great letting me PASSED that horrible EXAM ahahahahahah i am so relieved now.. goodlack future RN ,,,
  5. by   Avocadoloveer
    hahaha i had the same mindset! When I got meds I was like oh man ***. LOL then when its safety or ob i was like yaaaaaaaaaaay! funny thing is my first question asked about asian people and im asian and I was like ok I definitely am getting this question right LOL I cant wait to find out if I really pass tomorrow! lol

    Btw OMG! I WOULD LOVETO WORK IN HAWAII! that must be really nice
  6. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    hawaii is nice... im an asian too lol..hahahahah filipino ? ahahahaha...and some chinese blood.. hehehehe..i hate meds...not because im not good with it.. but i hate it when it is in nclex coz they are giving MEDS that are out of this world ahahaha... what state did u apply for nclex -RN then? i am sure you pass bro
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    haha im filipino too but more spanish descent! whohooo! Im also going to treat myself to a nice one month vacay in the Philippines! gonna hop from one island to another so i hope thats pretty close to hawaiii lol . im in ny!
  8. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    cool.. i miss bora.. huhu.. i miss Philippines huhu...