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Please help!! Calculation question

  1. 0 Hi all,I'm having problem with this question:A procainamide drip is ordered (2gms in 250ml D5W) to infuse at 4 mg/min. The patient weighs 165lb. Calculate the drip rate in ml/hr for which theinfusion pump will be set at. Many thanks
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    Step 1. Convert g to mg
    2g =2000 mg
    Step 2. How many hours will be used
    2000 mg / 4 mg =500 mins = 500/60 =50/6 hrs
    Step 3. 250 ml / 50/6hrs = 30 ml/hr

    Patient weight no need in this case.

    It can be solved in different way.
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    Thank you so much!! If it's not too much to ask what is the other way to solve this?Thanksl
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    Here's another way to arrive at 30mL /hr using dimensional analysis.
    Cross out units that are the same.

    4mg/min x 1g/1000mg x 250mL/g x 60min/1hr = 60,000/2,000 =30mL/hr
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    Thank you all so much,

    I'm taking NCLEX-RN on the 30th this month (2nd time).

    I,m sooooooo scared