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    How long can access to my unofficial result and pay 7.95?
    Is it really exact 48 hrs from the test date?
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    In my account still says delivery successful and the bottom it says your exam result is not availble at this time
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    I too is eagerly waiting! Took mine yesterday at 265 q' a good pop up ,but the waiting for 48hrs is too long..
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    Yes I'm getting impatient lol, is it really have to be exact 48 hrs?
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    Im always checking here from time to time!
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    Oh sorry that is for Florida exam score look up..i didnt realize that you are from texas!😃
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    Hehe that's ok but thank you
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    It took 51 hours for my results to appear. Don't worry they will appear soon Have you done the pvt? It was 100% accurate for me.
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    What state r u in?
    Yes I already did pvt with good pop up
    Lol just getting very impatient here