Passing NCLEX the second time...

  1. Hey all!

    So I just took my NCLEX for the second time this morning and got the "good popup." I am going to share my story with you. Hopefully I will give some of you motivation to pass the NCLEX!

    I graduated in May from a great nursing school. My school requires you to purchase Virtual ATI. So, after graduation I got started on that program to prepare for my first go at the NCLEX. After getting the "green light" from VATI, with a 93% chance of passing, I took my NCLEX for the first time. I had all 265 questions and failed. I had near passing in all areas except pharm.

    I was DEVASTATED! I literally went into a depression mode. I was supposed to start a nursing job a week after I took my NCLEX (a job which I didn't really want, but nursing jobs are hard to come by where I am at). I figured there was a bigger picture waiting for me.

    I had my preceptor from school call me and say there was an opening on the floor I precepted at (Oncology) and that I should apply. I did and I got the job! This gave me a new motivation to study again.

    I started studying a few weeks ago. I had a friend that had taken the Hurst review class and she offered to let me borrow her book. After reviewing that book, which made me feel confident, I did questions out of Saunder's daily. Keep in mind that I was working full time third shifts at the hospital- I still made time to study.

    Fast-forward to yesterday. I know that everyone says to relax the day before, but I have terrible testing anxiety. So I took some time to do relaxing things, but also did about 300 more questions out of Saunder's.

    This morning I woke up and ate breakfast. The testing center called and said that someone had cancelled and I could come in early if I wanted to. So I showered and decided to review. After about 5 minutes of review I started to panic. So I decided to just go take it. I got to the testing center, listened to a voicemail from my grandma saying that I can and will pass and got out of my car. I stretched in the parking lot to help me relax. I went and took the test in 75 questions. Then, I got the good "popup."

    Point of the story, do what works for you. You are the only person that knows how you function the best, stick with that plan. You are capable of passing-- you passed nursing school, right? Be confident in yourself and remember to keep your head high. Good luck to everyone taking the NCLEX.

    --A new RN
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  3. by   maysa1
    I really need to see! Congrats on passing! I hope my store end out like yours!
  4. by   kimmy2013
    Congrats so happy for you. So you did the question from saunders?
  5. by   normaphillips06
    congrats...hope to be able to tell my story soon!!!
  6. by   Hopeful_Rina
    Congratulations RN! Just took mine today, got the good pop up but still waiting on the official "unofficial" result lol