Passed the NCLEX-PN! Now how long does it take to get your license in New York?

  1. I passed my NCLEX-PN on Sept. 7th. Got my results a week later in the mail that I had passed. And now am waiting on the State of New York to give me my license number so I can start working!! I feel all my skills drifting away from me as I wait too... I'm ready to start my career! I have called 5 times on different days and waited on hold with the State of New York for about 30 minutes each time before giving up. The recorded message on the site states it could take up to 10 weeks to receive it!! I did manage to reach someone in another dept. that said that it would show up on the website first... so I check that everyday, sometimes a few times a day... just getting really frustrated with New York at this point.
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  3. by   VonNova
    Just keep trying! You used the number on the website right (

    I had the same problem - I waited 1 week for them to give me my license before I got fed up and started contacting them. E-mailing doesn't work - at least in my experience, they never returned my e-mail. I called on a Wednesday an hour before the office closed and was put on hold for an hour. Perhaps I was the very last caller that day, which is why they answered me! But when they answered my call and I explained the situation, they immediately gave me my license number and put my licensing information online as well.