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I am a foreign nurse. I planned to postpone the test. But there are no dates available. I gave it as a try on Nov 17 morning . I ended up with 75 q. But I took so much time for 75 q almost 4 hrs.... Read More

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    Super congrats!! Can you also send me the notes to Greatly appreciated. Very nice of you to offer to send them. Best of luck to you in your new career.

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    Thank you StinkMomBomb for your advice. You are right. I will take the exam whenever I am ready.
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    Please also email me the notes at
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    You can try

    Thank you .

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    Thanks for sharing. my exam is on 11/24. I will follow you way.

    I liked you attitude to NCLEX RN
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    Congratulations, RN!

    And thank you for sharing your story. Determination and a positive attitude are key to one's success! And in my case, lots of prayers too!

    Good luck on your new journey as a registered nurse!
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    Have anyone received the notes(chart)?
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    Thanks for ur wishes. Whenever you are ready, start the process of scheduling. my situation is different. I waited 1yr for CES report. I am a mom of naughty 2yr old girl. So I couldn't able to study. After fixing the exam date only, I started preparing seriously. Everybody is different. just assess which kind of personality you are, go with ur instinct. Its just my views.

    Chart notes is only soft copy I have now. Others are hard copy. I will try my best to send other notes too.
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    Hey indu87 congrats. Can plz email me the chart plz I'm taking my nclex next week thank you so much.
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    I did.

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