Passed NCLEX RN 2012 with Kaplan qbanks/trainers - page 3

I have been on this site multiple times and found many encouragements from it as I study for my nclex and wanted to share my story. I only used kaplan qbanks and the trainers, my scores ranged from the 50s and 60s. I reviewed... Read More

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    Would you say the Kaplan strategy to answering questions is really useful on the nclex?

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    Congrats! i take kaplan jan 2 too and also hope to take nclexend of january of early feb. yes! we are success story already!!!!
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    Not a problem nursesolu and good luck to u!!!
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    @afhopeful, the decision tree that kaplan teaches did not help me at all, I did try using but had no luck wit it
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    @faith246 thank you, and yes we are :-) let me know the good news of nclex when u get it
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    It's good to hear that Kaplan is helpful because I take the Kaplan all this week.
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    Hi Mysweets,
    I did pass too on 75 question and already have my license. I wasn't expecting it though. I thought i should share with you and thank you for sharing your experience during my tough time earlier. That helped me a lot. So what are u up to?

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    @nursesolu Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you, I'm not up to much at the moment, I'm working in home health with hopes of transitioning to a hospital, how about you?
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    @mysweets .
    thanks a lot. Well, i am still exploring the opportunities. Actually, i am planning to do some volunteer work. Is it easy to get into home health? what do you suggest?

    thanks ..
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    @Nursesolu, it is easy to get into home health, I actually started there as a lpn, and it was my first job with no prior healthcare experience, so if you would like to make money now, I would definitely give home care a try and maybe do volunteer work on the side until u are able to transfer to a hospital or something of your choice, but if you want experience, I would not stay in home health long term, I'm hopin to get into a RN residency program in my area as it is very hard to get into a hospital as a new grad

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