Passed NCLEX RN 2012 with Kaplan qbanks/trainers - page 3

I have been on this site multiple times and found many encouragements from it as I study for my nclex and wanted to share my story. I only used kaplan qbanks and the trainers, my scores ranged from... Read More

  1. by   nursesolu
    Hi Mysweets,
    I did pass too on 75 question and already have my license. I wasn't expecting it though. I thought i should share with you and thank you for sharing your experience during my tough time earlier. That helped me a lot. So what are u up to?

  2. by   Mysweets
    @nursesolu Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you, I'm not up to much at the moment, I'm working in home health with hopes of transitioning to a hospital, how about you?
  3. by   nursesolu
    @mysweets .
    thanks a lot. Well, i am still exploring the opportunities. Actually, i am planning to do some volunteer work. Is it easy to get into home health? what do you suggest?

    thanks ..
  4. by   Mysweets
    @Nursesolu, it is easy to get into home health, I actually started there as a lpn, and it was my first job with no prior healthcare experience, so if you would like to make money now, I would definitely give home care a try and maybe do volunteer work on the side until u are able to transfer to a hospital or something of your choice, but if you want experience, I would not stay in home health long term, I'm hopin to get into a RN residency program in my area as it is very hard to get into a hospital as a new grad
  5. by   nursesolu
    @ Mysweets
    Thank you for your valuable suggestion. Well, i am foreign nurse and recently licensed in NY. But my problem is that i dont have SSN. Do you think home care will look for SSN when they hire? Which state are u?
    I appreciate your time
  6. by   Mysweets
    @nursesolu, I'm in VA and I do believe that they will want a SSN for home health, I'm not familiar with your situation but is a green card an option for you?
  7. by   Danaika
    hello mysweets and nursesolu, I have a question, is there a chance for to pass with those scores? just took my trainer 7 and got 55%, my #6 was 60%. And I am taking my test in 36hours, please help. What should i do tomorrow review the rationals from the 7 trainer or review my notes, I am very nervous (taking my test on 14 Feb, at 1pm). Thanks in advance.
  8. by   Danaika
    Congratulations! nursesolu, did you have many SATA questions on your test? Do you think Kaplan is similar to the real test? What were your scores for Qbank and the trainers 1-7?
  9. by   kewl_nurse2b
    where to get the kaplan trainers? is this the one with book and lectures?
  10. by   nursesolu
    Hey @ Danaika
    My scores are similar to yours. I think you got to be relax . Don't get nervous. Your mind need to be relax and you need to get enough sleep on the test day for you to work better .I will recommend you to review your notes. I dont remember exactly how many SATA questions. But there were quite numbers. You can do it.
  11. by   nursesolu
    Thanks.. I dont have green card either as i am on a dependent visa. I will think of any other available options. Anyway, thanks a lot for your time. i truly appreciate.
  12. by   Mysweets
    @danaika, my scores were abt the same as yours, I agree with nursesolu, just review notes for maybe an hour or so and then relax!!! You will do fine, good luck!!! :-)
  13. by   Mysweets
    @nursesolu, it's not a problem at all, research work visa when to get a chance, I hope everythin works out for you, stay in touch!!!