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hello! i just want to thank everyone in this forum for all the help that i got for my nclex. my favorite forums are: -anyoone up for random fact throwing?? -filipino nurses who passed the nclex... Read More

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    Quote from acissej
    hello! i just want to thank everyone in this forum for all the help that i got for my nclex. my favorite forums are:

    -anyoone up for random fact throwing??
    -filipino nurses who passed the nclex without the help of review center

    and i particularly like the threads started by nclex passers who shared their tips.
    i guess it's my turn now

    i took nclex last february 05, 2009 - thursday. i am a foreign educated nurse so i have to go to another city to take it. i did not get enough sleep because we had to go somewhere the night before the exam. it was unavoidable so please don't follow my example. i also stopped studying two weeks before my exam because a friend of mine passed away and i have to go to the wake and was just not in the mood of studying.

    so i was surprised and thankful when i stopped @ 75 and passed! i studied for less than three months and i have no review center. i just read the whole saunders compre book. i used lippincott q&a but only answered a few chapters. i finished the whole book of prioritization, delegation and assignment by lacharity. i also did kaplan strat book and cd. i also finished the question trainers from kaplan. i answered a total of 4000-5000 questions. i rested on sundays and holidays. i did not force myself to study if i am not feeling well. there were times when i would just spend half of the day swimming and then sleeping but afterwards, i would make sure that i accomplish something. i printed an organizer and wrote the chapters that i have to finish during that day. i also did suzanne's first and second tips but added a few things that i have mentioned above. her plan is so nice and practical. highly recommended!

    so.... what made me pass?
    i don't think it was my effort, books, intelligence or strength. it was god who was guiding me during the review period and even during the exam. so i give him all the glory and praise. i had no review center but jesus was with me. i stopped studying two weeks before the exam yet his wisdom sustained me. i was not in perfect shape during the exam because of my lack of sleep yet he became my strength.

    bottomline? trust the lord and always acknowledge him in everything you do. he will surely guide you. be faithful too in your review 'coz it's your way of sowing the seeds for the lord to multiply.

    god bless everyone!
    i am foreign educated nurse too. i find this wed site last month.ifailed two time nclex-rn .it is really bad .
    may i ask you some questions:
    where i can find suzanne's tips,do you mind send me in email if you have that copy.
    also i had pearsonveu review book by mary ann hogan , is that be good enough.and what edition of saunders and lippincott you had ,is kaplan question trainer have to do on-line training ?
    god bless you
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    congrates !!!!
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    Hello Acissej, could you help me.. kaplan q trainer?.. right now..I can't afford to pay for kaplan online and I will be taking nclex soon..please help kindly email me at , thank you very much.
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    I wish i cud atleast had d courage to study...confused what wen n how to ....hmmm...... I wish my lord as he helped u help me n all who are like me.. Plans to attend d exam.
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