Passed NCLEX-PN with only 2 weeks study time

  1. (decided to post this because reading other people's stories really helped me)

    First of all, I took the NCLEX-PN on Saturday (my first time) and I just found out today I passed. I did the PVT trick in the parking lot after the test and got the good pop up. Now when I say 2 weeks study time, in reality it was more than that, since I was already studying for it while in school. This is what I mean by the 2 weeks. I graduated in August and took about a month off from studying. I waited until I got my ATT letter and registered for the earliest test, which happened to be in 2 weeks. At this point I was mad at myself for not studying for that whole time and giving myself only 2 weeks to really stay to a strict schedule to study. Somehow I made it work without stressing too much.

    Study Materials: (I could not afford to pay for much, so only 2 books!)
    Saunders - did the CD 100 questions, then reviewed them. I already had this book for school.
    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by LaCharity - this book helps for the PN too! Actually, it was very useful! It helped me a lot since I had a weakness for priority questions and there were several of those questions on the NCLEX.

    Other things to study: (from people who posted on here. Thanks!)
    Infection Control: My Chicken Haz TB, SPIDERMAN, Mrs Wee
    Prefixes & Suffixes for medications
    [if you know these, it will help a lot!]

    I also had to work with my anxiety. I sometimes get bad test anxiety, which ends up making me blank out during tests. I decided to think of the NCLEX as no big deal. The morning before I acted like I didn't care what was going to happen. (After the test, in the parking lot, I almost exploded in panic. At least it was after and not before the test though.) During the test, I tried to stay as calm as possible. I read the question, read the answers, and read the question again. Sometimes you miss something the first time you read it. It took me about 1 hours to finish the test with 85 questions. There were just so many SATA questions that it just freaked me out thinking about it. You really need to practice with these type of questions so you know what to expect as answers.

    Anyways, I just want to thank everyone who has posted on here with helpful study tips! I probably wouldn't have passed without such help!
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  3. by   iluvnursing07
    congrats!!! at least you wouldnt have to worry about retaking the exam, im a numerous taker and decided now to really put my heart, will, and sweat in studying for this "beast"!! just gets really frustrating in trying to studying esp with kids and a family... but they are my inspiration... for the past month or so ive just been answeiring kaplan questions. i have the new saunders pn book but to me answering the questing seem too easy so i stopped using it. ive also taken the hurst review this past january...but sometimes i feel lost in not knowing where to start. ive also inquired at my school for their nclex review. well good luck in the job hunting and congrats once again. i hope to be posting good news as well...
  4. by   rhonda21
    Reading the rationales helped me when doing the Saunders CD. I never had the chance or extra money to try kaplan and hurst so I have no idea about those. Just try not to stress too much and I'm sure you will do fine this time! I guess everyone is different when it comes to studying. My school really prepared me for NCLEX, I think. We did questions on ATI, NCLEX 5000, Saunders CD, and Evolve. During school is when I studied the most, so I think it was best for me to take the NCLEX right away.

    Thank you so much for the good luck in job hunting. I'm sure I'll need it. I wish you good luck and I hope to be reading good news from you next!
  5. by   Dailenmom
    Congrats I take mines tomorrow I'm super nervous. I graduated in 03 and this is go be my second time taking it. do you have any advice I'm not go be myself up if I don't pass because its be along time. @ iluvnursing07 I didn't know where to start at either but I eventually started with Kaplan online review and went from there. just stay positive you'll do fine ..You gotta believe you can do it.
  6. by   rhonda21
    I agree. You have to believe you can do it. Just try not to stress too much. Be confident when you go in there and just read all the questions very carefully. Try to get the answers down to only 2 and go from there. Don't think about pass or fail, just do your best! Good luck!