November and December NCLEX-RN test takers - page 5

I'm a repeat test taker ... I'm taking my second attempt soon before the end of the year.. and I would like to track my review doing a "daily log" inspired by one1morestep and AspiringRN2b. (Thank you guys.) I think this... Read More

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    hi i graduated in the Philippines too, goodluck in your exam, may God bless You.

    by the way, where did you get the following?
    - NCLEX-RN alternate format Q&A
    - Kaplan on demand
    - feuer audio
    - hurst video

    im planning to take nclex too but it's still on the process, Salamat

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    I already received my ATT . I schedule my test for December 10. I hope that this going to be my last time. I need to pass this test. Right now Im doing 75 questions x day and read all the rationale. I'm memorizing all Lab values. I already finishes hurst review. I'm pray to God that is the most important.

    God bless you all.
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    mpellot028 goodluck to us..we can do it..
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    Hi, I will be taking mine in 5 weeks...good luck to all of us!!!
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    Me I'm gona take it on dec 18. Hopefully I would pass it in 1st take. Anybody here from new york
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    goodluck to us..we can do it..
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    Good luck!!!!!
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    Seven more days....
  9. 0 from NY but mine is still on process. im praying for speedy process.
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    Hello this is a response to your message for my NCLEX Nirvana notes since I cannot send private messages.

    I would love to help but I rather keep my NCLEX Nirvana notes private to myself because the notes were catered to my needs. The purpose of creating your own notes is to build the knowledge that you think YOU need, I think that it would be more beneficial for you to start your own rather than just reading mine. Also, I do not want to give false info for whatever notes I may have written and misguide you. Thank you please let me know how else can I help.
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