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New To All Nurses-Taking NCLEX January 22nd

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,
    I am new to All Nurses and just thought I would pop in and say "Hi"
    I graduated nursing school on December 10th and am scheduled to take the NCLEX January 22nd. Is anyone else taking it on this day? I have been studying like a mad woman the last two weeks and am feeling pretty good about my progress. I am using the HESI NCLEX-RN online review as my study tool, I have found it really easy to use and it has a tone of questions and case studies to do. I chose this because it was given to us by our school. I have been pretty consistently scoring in the mid to high 70's on my tests and hope this is good enough since I have less then a week before my BIG day.
    I wish everyone luck with their studies, we can do this!
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    Good luck on your upcoming exam! You will do great!
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    I am also new here and a recent graduate myself about to take my NCLEX next week, so I understand the crazy emotional roller coaster ride! Best of luck to everyone!
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    I am taking my exam on the same day. My school used ATI an I've been doing questions from their app. I also did a review class an have been studying from that. I'm super anxious an nervous about Tuesday!