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Nervous Nellie!

  1. 0 OKKK, so I took my PN boards today and I had the minimum amount of questions (85)! Not to mention I had only about 45-50 select all that apply! Now I have heard so many things that I dont know what to believe! Im scared, happy, sad, nervous and all of the above! All in all, Im Confused... I felt like the questions were getting harder and harder but really wasnt sure of the aim! I have heard that most not all people that get the minimum have passed, and would hate to think that I was doing so terribly that they cut me off at 85 LOL! All in a nutshell, the weight to pass is all on my shoulders from family and peers. Oh and not to mention, I graduated Valedictorian of my nursing class and yet I am still a Nervous Nellie! Someone please HELP my thought process!
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    The fact that you said they were getting harder is why I believe you passed. Try the Pearson-Vue trick to know for sure.
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    I think the fact that you were getting higher level questions shows that you passed. I would definitely do the PVT to help ease your mind a bit. Hopefully your state participates in the quick results!
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    I PASSED!!!! Got my scores this morning! I think that I screamed for about 10 minutes straight! I am definitely excited about this, and YES the PVT works!!!!!!!
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    I got that feeling two days ago when mine posted to the Ohio Board of Nursing. This is your day, enjoy it! Congrats.
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    Aww, congrats!!