Nervous about NCLEX... ADVISE PLEASE - page 3

I'm a month away from graduating Nursing School in Texas and we took an ATI predictor the other day. I got a 50% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first time so it makes me nervous about my chances... Read More

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    I took my test yesterday, no official results yet, but I did get the "good" pop up. I think NCSBN questions were pretty close to NCLEX. I also did Saunders and Silvestri. I think the most helpful thing though is learning how to answer the questions using the Maslow/ABC rule. There were so many things I felt I didn't know, but I kept reminding myself that I'm competent enough to be a nurse. What is the best/worst thing that could happen is a good way to answer questions too.

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    Hi Preciousscarter,
    I am doing ncsbn. I started last Tuesday. What were your % on each post exam? I'm glad to hear its similar to NCLEX
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    I get 80's and up, BUT... We had to do that As a requirement to graduate from my school. So I've done about all of the questions including the test bank ones, we had a class our last term dedicated to those tests and Saunders and Silvestri. So I just continued until I took my exam
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    That's good and it paid off. We had ATI thru my school. I'm studying at moment exam cram ...kind place to place I hope that's not bad but I want to do as many questions as I can. What was your average # of questions per day? How many hours did you study in a day, too?
    Oh and how many months did it take to do NCLEX from last day of school? I know ppl say do it with 80 days from last day of nursing school.
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    We did Hesi, that was a part of passing that class as well. I did tons of questions a day. I mean I always studied. I woke up at 8, cleaned my room fed youngest read to him. Studying by 11 (questions and review books) put my son to nap at 1 or 2, studied til 4 or 5, dinner. The evening was family time. I graduated 6/15 took my test 7/28 so not too bad. My friends who graduated in April only waited 3 weeks. I think summer just takes longer.
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    Ya I've been studying 830 am to 2:00 pm then nap lol I get so tried reading, starring at computer, my eyes hurt then 250 ish pick up kids then no more study time family home til next day. Or late at night but I hate studying late I can focus
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    Whoops. I can't focus.

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