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Hi everybody, I need some advice is my birthday and I was going to do kaplan question trainer 6 but i am worried that I wont have my full attention the test due to the fact that my family and friends will be... Read More

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    Sorry wrong person!! Lol ur doing great u should be fine with QT 7!!

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    Quote from Bella2917
    Sorry just messages u
    Oh no I didn't get your message
    I have to ease some messages I think
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    Quote from Bella2917
    Do not reschedule! Just take it!!! I just took QT7 last Wednesday and took me 4 1/2 hrs to finish with no break...I got a 62...I took the Nclex today ad passed!!! I also took Hurst and studied everyday!! Ooohhh and above all I prayed everyday all the time!! I believe if it's Gods will!! You will pass!!!
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    THANK YOU!!!
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    Yes I do need advice failed twice and depressed... Can you please email me

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