need help with selection of nclex rn prep. book

  1. 0 hii everyone. i am a foreign graduate nurse nd i really need ur help. i am ready to study for my nclex rn u.s.a but there r so many books in the market. soo confuse. which book or course u guys suggest? thanks
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    I used Saunders! If you know your contect, you can answer the questions. Don't worry about strategies and tricks....I passed in 75 questions with mostly Saunders. The last few days before I did do just the Priority and Delgation questions by LaCharity. THEY REALLY HELPED!
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    I am also foreign graduated.using saunders,pda lacharity and hurst review. Test in 2 months.
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    Saunders here. I agree with ricksy, know your content. But it wouldn't hurt to brush up on your test-taking skills as well.
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