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Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you... Read More

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    Haha thank you. I recd a msg posting from a user from allnurses and she gave me good advice here and I changed it to assess&safety1st. Original it was zodiac sign so ya, I will always remember her too. It will be my 2nd time with NCLEX. I have changed date 2 times, big mistake. But I had family in town and was
    not able to study while family members at my house. I have date schedule and will not reschedule it again just more months away from my license and dream career.

    The first week of Oct now

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    @Assess&Safety1st yeah it's hard to study with company around. I'll be going out of town next week for approx 12 days and rescheduled my exam for November.

    NCSBN was a great review source. But I ran out of time with my subscription. However, I plan on signing up again around the 1st week of October.

    Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN 2nd Ed. by Mary Ann Hogan is what I'm using now. It's more conducive for my brain than Saunders. This is it for me as I plan on PASSING this test in November. No more twiddling around

    Take care and good luck!
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    Yes, my ncsbn expired Saturday but now I signed up for kaplan review I started today. I did 3, 50 q today. Yes, I want to do ncsbn for 3 weeks before NCLEX date. I like ncsbn the q were good and key words are underline with 20 q at a time. It's not time either. With kaplan its 50 q a time and it gives you % of area where I'm weak at like summary and its time. Kaplan has vid and ncsbn has no vid. Kaplan mailed a book to review and ncsbn has content per area prior to 20 q.
    Not sure which one I like best of two. Both cost money and funds low :/

    I hope they both prepare me to pass along with me studying content area with saundars and LaCharity.

    Have a good vacation!
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    I used NCSBN and several other books and I got 75 questions and the good pop up! So good luck to those who are prepping to take it! Take your time, Really read the questions!
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    Sounds like a good review course.
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    @ first i was scoring 60percent on kaplan now im like at 52 im scared time is getting close im tired but i have to keep pushing any suggestion on how to beat this nclex pn test
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    Hi dreaming88, I tried to send you a msg a while back. Your inbox is full.

    I'm doing kaplan PN now, I'm scoring mid 50s and watching vid w lady giving good advice. I'm reading book now that they provided for us to read prior to live classroom. I will do live classroom this week then I will do readiness test. With kaplan just 50s % on test. I am not sure if I can redo tests I did with kaplan. I select any 50 test exam that pops up to do next. I do like the kaplan decision tree. I'm applying it to all q

    With ncsbn I was scoring 50s to 60s %!!! But with ncsbn I was able to do same test and score high 90s.

    I feel ready but seem like its never ending studying ......
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    Quote from dreaming88
    @ first i was scoring 60percent on kaplan now im like at 52 im scared time is getting close im tired but i have to keep pushing any suggestion on how to beat this nclex pn test
    This is what was happening to me so I just moved my test up a week and I passed with 75 questions! I think I was just going through the motions when my scores started to drop and that's what was wrong.
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    Hello everyone,How are you all doing? What's status on NCLEX exam? Big yeah!?!OrStill studying? Or How is job searching? Keep in touch Assess&Safety1st
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    @Assess&Safety1st: Hope all is well with you and your studies. I'm praying for your success and others as well.

    I started studying again and took diagnostic pre-test (online) Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Reviews & Rationales with 61%. MaryAnn Hogan's book is somewhat overwhelming, but straight to the point. I prefer it over Saunders. After taking the diagnostic pre-test, I like the fact that it provides a study schedule and end of chapter tests online. My schedule started with cardio meds chapter 38 and oh boy! My brain is fried.

    I plan on re-registering with NCSBN around the 1st week of November.

    Will you be taking the boards soon? Good luck to you!!! And good luck to everyone!!!
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