nclex yesterday

  1. I did it . I took the nclex yesterday . The waiting is so hard. I felt like i did not pass and am trying to think positive. I did the pearson trick and got the good pop up . keep on trying it and trying it. Driving me nuts. Some people are showing up on the states web site the day after and the classmate who i took the test with yesterday showed up , I didn't but I am an LPN and think that it might have something to do with that. My other LPN classmates took a couple of days longer than others to show up. wish me luck.
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  3. by   Future Nurse T
    congrats!!!!!!!!! so how was it.....hard? did you do Kaplan?
  4. by   pebbles049
    I thought the test itself was hard but that is what i think of every test. I had 169 questions and became frustrated and tired half way through. For me it was a little of everything. I detest SATA's. I took nscbn review and did not finish it totally. I also took part of the ati nclex review but became very discouraged with it. There was like too many content questions rather than nclex type questions. I also practiced questions from some of kaplans stuff. I would have probablly been better just doing kaplan but thought it was too expensive. I do think the main thing is to practice questions and keep at it. I will have unofficial results tommorow so hopefully the PVT was right.
  5. by   pebbles049
    I got the quick results and I passed my nclex
  6. by   Future Nurse T
    congrats pebbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!