NCLEX Tomorrow.. A humble request to include me in your prayers.. :D - page 3

I just wanted to seek help from my fellow NCLEX takers, please include me in your prayers, for I am to take the NCLEX tomorrow... :D I lift up everything to our Lord Jesus Christ.. Thank you, I hope we all be able to fulfill our... Read More

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    That was so sweet your post. I know that you did a good job and with God by your side anything is possible! You give me the courage to face this test head on Pau! ^_^

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    to GOD be the glory...AMEN to u!!!...more power and GOD bless...
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    It is all in God's hands now. My prayer for you extends 'til you succeed.
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    I too am taking my nclex tommorrow morning and am asking for prayers tonight please..... Thanks, Brenda
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    @bit995, you are in my prayers. As you are taking your test right now I plead the blood of Jesus over you. Lord open up her mind and let the answers flow out from Brenda.

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