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Nclex tommorow ...

  1. 0 I'm taking mine tommorow and I don't exactly know how to feel , I think I'm gonna do good then I think I'm not prepared because of so many SATA questions that can be on the test and feel those are not that easy so I don't really know , I feel anxious and everything else that u may think off, any last encouragement would be appreciated , thanks everyone ,
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    I'm also testing tomorrow! One second I feel confident, the next I feel like I know nothing! I am so nervous, but trying to stay positive!! I will keep you in my prayers!!
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    Good luck to both of you!! Try to relax tonight and stay calm tomorrow before the exam. Know that you studied, you passed nursing school & that you have the knowledge to get you through this! Take your time. If you get worked up during, close your eyes for a second, take some deep breaths, and know you CAN DO IT!!!
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    Breathe! You can do it!
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    Thank you!!
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    Thank you both! Hopefully the PVT will bring good news!
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    kwit412 Goodluck to you too keep you in my prayers , thank you all for the encouragement I'm gonna keep positive aswell.
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    I am taking mine tomorrow as well! I feel exactly how the two of you do--confident one moment and completely unprepared the next. I have a lot of things working against me--four children, out of school for 1 1/2 years, full time job and I work from home about 20 hours a week as well. I have NO time to study. I have managed to cram some study time in though, and I pray that it's enough.

    I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow! I take mine at 2 p.m. in Arizona, so keep me in yours too. We can do this! I hope to hear that we all got the good pop up tomorrow. Good luck!
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    Thank you!! I am taking mine here in Florida at 8am (less than 1.5 hours!!) You are going to do great!!! You have proven that you can take on anything-and I think that already makes you a GREAT nurse!!
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    Stay calm, try to relax, go in with confidence, good luck to you all
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    So I finished in about 40 minutes with 75 status on PearsonVue says delivery successful and I am getting the good pop up! I really hope the PVT is right!!
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    Congrats kwit412, RN!!!
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    Congrats !!!