NCLEX Today...Impatiently Waiting

  1. Hello Everyone....I have never posted before, but your words of wisdom have gotten me to and through today...the BIG day!

    Now I come looking again for support from afar...

    I took my NCLEX today. I finished with 75 questions and at least 20 of them were SATA but only one medication question. I impatiently waitied until I found the first McDonald's with WiFi access...I'm a two hour drive from home. And here I sit...I tried the PearsonVue trick. The pop-up that I received was neither good nor "test is on hold."

    I have read on other treads that this sometimes happens if you take the test quickly...I finished mine in about 45 minutes.

    Does anyone have any experience with how long it will take until the PVT works for me...or am I stuck in this distressing "hold" until the official results come in the mail?
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  3. by   NurseDaCosta
    I'm sure you did great! But I did the Pearson vue trick probably around 3 hours after I did my test
  4. by   rehric00
    The PVT will only work if the status of your test says delivered successfully. I tested yesterday in Chicago at 8am, got 75 Q's, took about an hour and I got the good pop up about 15 minutes after I left the test center. I still wasn't convinced, but then my actual license # was up on the state website by 3pm.

    PS- I got a ton of SATA also.. I think thats a good thing bc those are harder Q's and they aren't going to give you difficult Q's if you are doing poorly.
  5. by   jgl813
    So EriDee, did you end up passing? I got the same hold message today...